Experience more in the capital.

Turning London’s “off-peak” Tube and rail into something truly transporting.
A Tube station is more than just a Tube station. For the millions who use transport in London every day, each stop is a gateway to a different set of experiences – and this is what makes life in the capital so rewarding.

That was the driving insight behind our “Out and About” posters, developed as part of TfL’s “Wonderful World of Off-Peak” campaign. This project supports the Mayor of London’s goal for 80% of journeys to be made sustainably by 2041, while also helping the city’s cultural and creative industries.

The challenge? To make Londoners rethink their approach to travel: swapping cars for public transport and making more journeys during off-peak hours – a fantastic way to save money and explore the endless possibilities London has to offer.

How to make travelling by public transport more rewarding

Our “Out and About” posters were designed to capture that richness, while also expanding people’s perception of transport in London and highlighting how TfL can enhance their enjoyment of the city.

We began with a detailed exploration of the must-sees and hidden gems along each line (undertaken as part of a wider media partnership with Time Out). Armed with that understanding, we then invited 25 contrasting artists to pitch a “style” for the posters. TfL has a long, diverse and much-loved artistic heritage – something we set out to honour, while evoking each line’s distinctive history and personality.

Ten artists were then each assigned an individual line. The project posed an intriguing array of design challenges, with lines running in irregular, idiosyncratic patterns. Posters had to work in a range of high-impact formats, from DR sites on Underground platforms to ‘mega-sites’ at prominent stations like Waterloo and Canary Wharf, while also being hosted on TimeOut.com.

Driving an increase in off-peak travel

Delivered in just six weeks, the first set of posters launched in July 2018 and the range has since expanded to include all Tube lines, five bus routes, the DLR, London Overground and Santander Cycles.

The response has been hugely positive, with regular requests for copies from members of the public and featured institutions – a reflection of how these posters appeal to the tastes and attitudes of several million people, while forming a cohesive set. They have also driven an increase in off-peak journeys, creating more revenue for TfL.