How do we know if our content and campaigns have worked?

We measure performance

Working with our clients, we establish metrics and set business goals up front, then continue to measure these throughout the campaign – optimising as necessary – and sharing learnings along the way.

However, it’s not all about hard data. Our human insight model means we don’t just see numbers – we understand the people behind the numbers. We ask questions such as, “Why did they do that?”, “Why didn’t it work?” and “Why did it work?”

And why do we do this? Because, ultimately, success isn’t about counting likes, shares and mentions; it comes from understanding the people behind the data, the behaviours that generate value and market share, and using this knowledge to drive positive improvements for our clients. 
We understand the people behind the numbers. We ask questions such as, “Why did they do that?”, “Why didn’t it work?”, and “Why did it work?”

We humanise the connection

These days, there is no straightforward customer journey. Everyone navigates through their buyer journey uniquely, meaning campaigns are ‘live-environments’ where messages must respond and adapt to the audiences’ needs at key moments in time.

Human Affinity allows us to determine what your customers need, when they need it, what format would work best, and how to apply this knowledge in real-time.

We understand context is key

Marketing isn’t linear; customers may want the same outcome, but they get there in very different ways.

We understand how each customer segment travels through the buyer journey according to their needs – continually switching between digital and physical channels. Our insight approach identifies the most appropriate touchpoints, moments and channels with which to engage our audience, and gives us the smarts to respond in real-time.

Our test and learn methodologies enable close monitoring of audience intent and engagement in real time – providing intelligence for remarketing, shifts in messaging across channels and formats, and informing future campaigns. 
Commitment to Measure:

• Commercial Metrics
• Brand & Behavioural Metrics
• Campaign Metrics

What makes our creative impossible to ignore?

How do we make content that is impossible to ignore?