Strategy and planning

Brand and marketing success is built on the foundation of strategy and planning that becomes your unique source of market differentiation. To achieve this, OTM's strategy and planning team brings to bear a vast range of thinking, skillsets and proven experience for global b2b and b2c brands and organisations.

It all starts with Human Affinity, our unique approach to making our clients impossible to ignore across continuous buyer and customer journeys.

OTM's strategy services include:


  • Human Affinity: unique qualitative explorations of the deeper human needs and motivations of customers, partners, stakeholders, employees and so on
  • Brand, product, business insight: brand auditing, brand planning
  • Marketing and content auditing
  • Market insight: competitor research, market analysis


  • Brand strategy: brand positioning, brand proposition creation, brand story development
  • Customer Value Proposition creation
  • Audience planning and segmentation modelling
  • Brand architecture strategy and planning
  • Multi-dimensional messaging frameworks
  • Go-To-Market strategy and planning
  • Audience strategy
  • Channel strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Comms planning
  • Reporting and performance models

What makes our creative impossible to ignore?

How do we know if our content and campaigns have worked?