Protecting creative brains

A leading safety helmet brand expands its headspace.
Since emerging as a manufacturer of miners’ helmets in the early 1900s, Centurion has grown into one of the world’s leading designers of protective headgear. These days the firm creates high-spec products for specialised workers in a range of industries and environments.

As a consequence, the company’s sense of its own identity has deepened and expanded, and a new strategic positioning has been created to take Centurion forward. The brand essence now pivots around the concept of human ingenuity – as something Centurion embraces in its approach to design and innovation, and safeguards through the excellence of its headgear.
OTM was tasked with bringing this positioning to life through a radical revamp of the brand’s visual and verbal identity. After reviewing perspectives from senior management, design staff and the manufacturing team, we developed the new Centurion logo that truly embodies the positioning. We created detailed brand guidelines including a comprehensive suite of communications and accompanying corporate video.
A critical workstream was the creation of Centurion’s new website requiring considered UX to ensure clarity for the extensive product range. Developed to embody the brand’s innovative ethos to the full, the site offers a truly sophisticated user experience that showcases the product range in a clear and accessible way, enabling visitors to explore and choose according to their needs.

The new identity was launched to an enthusiastic gathering of industry leaders, clients and employees. It has played a central role in driving the brand’s success ever since.