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Following an extensive insight gathering exercise, Leader Connect served as an important channel to engage with Frontline Leaders. Relevant content was created and shared via email twice a week and leaders were encouraged to share with their teams. The bespoke leader connect platform was built in Sharepoint and is used as a repository for all multi language content assets as well as including a chat function.

Working with

The People Experience Team

How did OTM support:

Audience research and insight gathering through interviews and workshops
Sharepoint site development including asset repository for video and other content and chat function
Contributing to the editorial planning and content runway through twice weekly 
Production of bimonthly multilingual email communication distributed via Poppulo
Relevant content creation across different formats
Video production: Origination of content as well as adaptation of existing content
Translated for key markets

Email design and development.
Example comms (click to enlarge):

Frontline leader resources.
Sample pages (click to enlarge) :

Video production and post-production:

 Leader Connect Highlights video showing content examples

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