InGenius Recognition Program

Individual recognition program with a focus on innovation

Celebrating the creativity of WPB employees, InGenius is an innovation program that calls for individuals to submit their top ideas around helping to make WPB a better, more efficient, sustainable business - with a focus on customer experience. It works with existing continuous innovation programs in place in the markets or it can exist as a standalone program. Winners from each market get the chance to have their ideas implemented and also the opportunity to attend the Global Circle of Excellence 

Working with

The People Experience Team

How did OTM support:

Program branding, design and production of complete communication pack (nuanced for each audience) including email templates, playbook, toolkit, pitch document, videos
End-to-end video production including development of video concept and treatment, scripting, filming on location and post production.
All communication assets localised and transcreated for key markets

Video concept, filming and post-production:

Explains what InGenius is and how to get involved as well as showcasing the winners at the Circle of Excellence.

Communication pack examples (click to enlarge)

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