WPB Ability Programme

Reframe the conversation

Building awareness of the WPB Ability program that is ‘reframing the conversation’ about disability in the workplace. The business aim is to create a ‘safe-space’ where WPB employees feel comfortable and free to talk about disabilities (both visible and invisible), creating an open and supporting working environment through education and positive affirmation.

Working with

The WPB Ability Executive sponsors and working group
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How did OTM support:

Strategic response, development of creative platform and audience testing with global focus groups 
Communication planning, brand campaign ideas and implementation
Commissioning of unique campaign artwork of the ‘purple HSBC lions’ from renowned Mouth Artist, Henry Fraser and accompanying Linkedin video content

On location filming and video production of contributor stories 
Communications toolkit and storytelling guides for colleagues, to drive engagement and encourage involvement across all markets
Language guide design and layout 
Content assets optimised to international accessibility standards

Commissioned art

Video concepting and production 

Digital PDF Toolkit:

Email design and development:

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