The Performance Framework

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The Performance Framework provides a clear structure for the frontline to understand the WPB assessment process and discretionary variable pay award, It gives them a set of clear KPIs and sets out what is expected of them in their roles - in line with WPB’s focus on delivering first-class customer experience.

Working with

The Global Incentives Team
“The support and guidance received by OTM over the last few years has been extremely valuable, especially last year, following important changes to quarterly performance assessment process. The team has always been at hand and able to accommodate our last minute changes and produced material that was easily understood by all our employees globally” 
– Luisa Zingone-Smith, Senior Incentives Manager, Global WPB

How did OTM support:

Strategic response and development of creative proposition. 
Design and production of communications and guides for different markets in line with local requirements
Production of multilingual KPI guides in PowerPoint and Excel 
Video production - animation and user generated content
Localised and translated for key markets and audience groups

Video: Frontline User Generated Content 

Hear from the frontline about how the Performance Framework helps them in their roles

Animated Explainer Videos 

Example of explainer video showing how ratings are determined 

Manager and Frontline Guides. Example pages in multiple languages (click to enlarge)  

KPI Guides 

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