How we made SS&C Advent impossible to ignore

SS&C Advent is a complex B2B company specialising in technology solutions for financial services clients. They asked us to help them engage some notoriously complicated audience segments and markets around the world.
Phase 1

We started with the audience

Our journey began with one small part of their complex portfolio: a sophisticated wealth management platform. Our challenge? To engage a high-intensity, notoriously hard-to-reach group of clients.

Hedge fund managers and other alternative investment providers have long been considered a tough audience, with a wired-in resistance to marketing techniques. In order to better understand them, we turned to the sales team – an often-overlooked, rich source of customer knowledge. Typically, salespeople are very disconnected from the marketing team – the two functions tend to be siloed – but bringing them together can have powerful results.

Our series of Human Affinity workshops delivered the human insight we needed to drive our highly successful There Is No Alternative campaign – a radical departure from the sector’s usual approach.  
There Is No Alternative campaign creative
Alternatives - social campaign ad (leadgen)
Alternatives - social campaign ad (leadgen)
Phase 2

Developing content and expanding our audience

Following high levels of audience engagement in EMEA, the campaign was then rolled out internationally, with equal success. As a result, we were asked to go through the same process to target other equally complex audience segments: wealth managers and asset managers.

Taking the learnings from our initial campaign, we followed the same process to gain insight into specific niche segments within our new target audiences. We began by developing a unique proposition for each of these segments, from which we created multiple campaigns and pieces of content. The scale of this work enabled us to connect with different user groups, to talk to them in their language, and to ensure the content was directly relevant to their experience – all leading to an increase in brand awareness and a healthy sales pipeline.
Audience segmentation
Asset Management – social campaign ad (leadgen)
Cross sector – social campaign ad (brand awareness)
Phase 3

Responding to market needs

Our campaigns for SS&C Advent continue to evolve and succeed by creating content that isn’t just targeted to a specific audience, but has contextual relevance to the current market as well.

OTM’s culture of collaboration has also been an important part of this process. From the start, we have worked closely with the client team at SS&C Advent to identify opportunities and realise joint success.

In addition, our commitment to an ongoing cycle of testing, reviewing and optimisation enables us to keep the campaigns alive and relevant; to keep exploring our current audiences and identifying further niche segmentation opportunities; to keep raising awareness of SS&C Advent in within its target markets; and to keep generating leads for the business.
Campaign refresh – market response