Do you want to be impossible to ignore?

Technology is complicated. Human beings even more so. Luckily, we’re well acquainted with both. Our designers, writers, strategists and account teams all have deep experience of B2B tech brands, and a record of achieving cut-through based on concrete business aims. While our Human Affinity model allows us to identify your customers’ needs and generate insights that otherwise might be missed. But how do we turn this understanding into a powerful campaign? 
Case study

How we made SS&C Advent impossible to ignore

We are serious about measuring the effectiveness of our campaigns.

Having an objective, sophisticated method to gauge the impact of your campaigns – and the ability to adapt and optimise as you go – is vital.

We start by identifying specific commercial, behavioural, brand and campaign metrics, then continually review and make changes as necessary. It’s a flexible approach led by human insights.

The result? You don’t need to wait for the next campaign to implement your learnings; we do this in real-time. 

We create content that’s rooted in understanding.

From video and animation to articles, websites, print, social media and beyond, there are a multitude of potential content formats to choose from, and a boundless choice of channels to amplify them. So how do you know what will work best?

At OTM, we don’t believe in creating content for content’s sake; we create structured content that’s rooted in a deep understanding of a highly segmented audience. Our Human Affinity model provides the human insight, while our content approach allows us to complement key brand messages with the subtle nuances necessary to engage harder-to-reach audience groups.

At OTM, our goal is to help you smash your business targets.