National Health Service

OTM is proud to be a trusted partner to the NHS South West London Health and Care Partnership (NHS SWL) for the creation, production and delivery of its important campaign and marketing assets.

Annual winter pressures within the NHS and supporting social services are well documented – where limiting the effect of a potential flu outbreak has become an important pillar of NHS communications in recent years, particularly in London.

During the autumn and winter of 2020/21, ensuring the Flu vaccine message was impossible to ignore at a time when national media was fully focused on Covid-19 took on even greater importance. Vulnerable groups needed to be encouraged to receive their new Flu vaccination, despite being fearful of attending medical environments with press reports highlighting the growing winter healthcare pressures.
“The ‘uplift’ in behaviours demonstrates the direct impact that was made and is a clear measure of the responsiveness of our campaigns – we can now say that actual behaviour change did take place” 
Valentina Seradi, Head of Campaigns and Digital
South West London Health & Care Partnership

A geo-targeted online media approach was developed, requiring a high volume of individual assets to be produced in a very short time frame to reach diverse audiences across six densely populated boroughs.

Master creative was provided by National Health England and acting as close delivery partner to NHS SWL, OTM adapted, localised and delivered all the marketing assets required to reach the multiple audience groups targeted by campaign. The extensive suite of marketing assets included:
  • Localised image references specific to the key demographic of each Borough and cohort.
  • Localised messaging per Borough and cohort, plus translations where required into Polish, German, French, Urdu, Gujarati, Somali, Tamil, Korean.
  • OTM also created hundreds of individual assets for individual Borough toolkits, utilising our round-the-clock studio resource to meet the tight deadlines.
  • Facebook and Twitter header images, FB/Insta/Twitter static and animated ads, posters, leaflets.
  • Localised social media assets by demographic, Borough and cohort, e.g. Parents of 2-3 year olds, At Risk Under-65s, Over 65s, Pregnant Women, BAME and non-BAME audiences, mask wearing and non-mask wearing, language variants, etc.

On-going demand for campaign assets

NHS SWL monitored patient attendance daily, highlighting hot spots of activity (or inactivity) that needed to be supported with new campaign assets created on-demand by OTM.

For example, geo-located social messages served by Facebook and Twitter, directed vulnerable groups away from A&E to named GP surgeries or pharmacies nearby, encouraging them to book flu vaccinations in their local area.

Overall, the campaigns have resulted in measurable behaviour change and an increase in Flu vaccinations in the targeted Boroughs during challenging times for the NHS.