The freedom to grow for B2B tech brands

The opportunity for growth by B2B tech brands has never been greater, with the sector rapidly becoming an important economic engine.

"50% of the UK FTSE 350 firms are purely B2B, as are nearly 40% of all businesses in Great Britain" - with the largest B2B categories already bigger and faster-growing than the largest FMCG categories.
- This is the B2B century, and marketers will be the ones to lead it: 6 September 2022, Marketing Week, Peter Weinberg & Jon Lombardo.

As B2B tech businesses look to prosper, now, more than ever, brands need to be impossible to ignore. You must have a single-minded focus to be unambiguous about who you are and what you stand for – to differentiate you from your competitors – and for your investors.

But the path to growth is an ever-increasing tangled web of pressures and considerations that can cause inertia as they vie for attention. Consider: Marketing strategy, brand positioning, lead and demand generation, channel and digital marketing, sales enablement and content creation to name just a few.

Disentangling these knotty problems requires an approach that drives deep understanding of what's important to your audience. To remove the extraneous, creating a direct link between your brand and your customers' longer-term continuous experience – enabling the establishment of meaningful benchmarks, metrics and KPIs over time.

Clarity of purpose

Achieving clarity means establishing human affinity with your customers. The clear understanding of the value your business brings to your audiences that meets their needs and motivations, as well as your brand’s wider relevancy within the market sector. An insight-led brand framework articulates your story consistently, building and sustaining powerful bonds with your target audiences.

Why are you here?

As buyers become more self-directed and their purchasing journeys become even more complex and convoluted, we actively equip buying teams to reach informed decisions about the value and relevancy of your business through targeted demand generation and readily discoverable sales enablement content – to make you impossible to ignore.