Why are you really here?

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So, what is Human Affinity?
Well it’s probably easier to answer that question with another...


Think beyond the obvious and consider what’s important to you - how and why has this brought you here today? Now, dig a little deeper: Why are you really here? What are your personal motivations, your driving force, your ultimate goals?

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This type of deeper insight is what drives Human Affinity. The aim is to discover the genuine needs, desires and motivations of your customers and employees. Why? Because understanding exactly who you’re talking to is vital. It means you can make internal and external communications more relevant; it means you’ll differentiate yourself in the market.

Most importantly, it will solve the problems behind customer and employee inertia – because when people feel listened to, they’re more likely to respond positively.

Human Affinity is about uncovering emotional, behavioural and rational insights into what makes people engage with your brand at all stages of the sales funnel. And, although many companies believe they’re already doing this, they’re not.

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This isn’t about commissioning another expensive, data-heavy research project, or even about abandoning the work you’ve already done. Scalable collaboration means building momentum over time, starting as small as is necessary.

The important thing is to begin: because inertia breeds inertia, and traditional research projects take too long and aren’t giving brands the results they need because the right questions aren’t being asked.

Our first task is to remove blocks such as access to customers, client resources and budget. And our focus is to solve the problem of inertia by starting this collaboration - right away.

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And this isn’t a one-off engagement project. Uniquely, the Human Affinity model centres on regular two-way conversations between your brand and your customers or employees, ensuring you’re always in sync with their lives and what matters to them.

This continuous conversation loop means you can make sure your communications are always relevant, rather than talking about what you think matters to them, or simply telling them what you want them to hear.

You’ll be confident your messaging will resonate with its target audience. And you’ll know when it’s necessary to tweak, delete or evolve what you’re saying - which means you’ll always stay well ahead of the competition.

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Deeper, regular, two-way conversations between you and your customers or employees benefits both parties. You understand them better; they receive a product or service that’s tailored to their needs. Everyone wins.

Forming the bedrock of your communications strategy, it means your employees or customers aren’t being told what to think. Instead, you’re able to offer solutions that will genuinely make their lives better. And the Human Affinity process helps you work out how to make this happen.

The result is the creation of real, lasting bonds between your brand and your customers or employees.

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Because Human Affinity delivers tangible benefits to your target audience, based on their real needs and desires, it has a knock-on effect for your brand. You’ll witness better engagement, leading to increased sales, brand advocacy and brand loyalty. And, of course, it doesn’t stop there – it’ll also boost your brand affinity, brand equity and market share.

And that’s just for starters.

Remind us again, why are you here?